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Domaine de la Coste Cuvée Sélectionnée 2002, A.C. Coteaux-du-Languedoc Saint-Christol. **HERITAGE WINE**

Colour: dark, intense purple red
Nose: very strong and assertive terroir character with a huge collection of warm, earthy, gamy nuances, not unlike a rich ripe red Burgundy, impressions of balsamic nuances such as eucalyptus, a lot of black fruit (plum, cherry, blackberry). Quite complex and deep.
Taste: medium bodied, round and mild, concentrated, with earthy, warm fruit and spices. Good tannins, complex fruit (berries, cherries), a touch of gaminess, good, mild acidity, very well balanced. Still young, but already agreeable soft.
Finish: long and complex, with some young tannins coming through, impressively and multi layered fruity (gamy, warm and spicy fruit), nuances of smoke, damp earth, clean acidity, excellent balance.

* A wine with a strong expression of its terroir: impressively ripe and gamy-fruity, not unlike a good, rich ripe red Burgundy, intense, soft and concentrated, warm, quite complex and deep with a beautiful balance between all constituents. A totally natural wine with breed and personality.

- It is difficult to assess the ageing ability of this wine. Now it is already showing extremely well because its softness and developed fruit. It may develop further into a much more gamy and classic wine, but if the structure is strong enough to keep it alive for say 5 more years i do not know. My estimation is drink before 2008

- Who said 2002 yielded only mediocre wines from the south of France?? This wine proves also very good wines were made in this difficult vintage. You can taste the grapes used for this wine were very ripe and healthy, the producer knew exactly what to do and to avoid. This Cuvée Réservée clearly bears the mark of the producer who aims for ripeness and complex fruit in his wines. Thus expressing the qualities of his unique terroir. Not a wine to everybody's liking, but if you do, this wine is a must have, not only because of its character, but also because of its very modest price.

- lotnr.: not indicated

- tasted: 17-03-’04

- estimated retail price ca. 8,50 euro per bottle

- average production: ca. 30.000 bottles

- Domaine de La Coste, 34400 Saint-Christol, Mrs. & Mr. Elisabeth & Luc Moynier,  tel.: + 33-467860210 / + 33-467866527 ; fax.: + 33-467860771 ; e-mail:  web site: